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At the moment, FL Studio (also known as Fruity Loops) is not readily able to process the majority of the MIDI messages sent by the Seaboard, so the expressive capabilities are very limited when using the Seaboard in FL Studio.

R/FLStudio: The best FL Studio resource on the internet! It’s buggy but definitely recommend it. Im a longtime Mac user and switched over to FL 2 years ago after 15 years with logicX, MPCs, Maschine, ableton and it definitely added something to my productions. FL Studio has not been tested on Mac OS X 10.7.5, and it's a possibility that we won't officially support that version of Mac OS X in the future. The only suggestion that can be provided in the meantime would be to update to a later version of Mac OS X as there are no earlier versions of the Native OS X Alpha that have been tested with 10.7.5. Yes, I myself run FL Studio on Mac and here are few of the links: Mainly you have to use WineBootler, which will allow you to run the windows softwares on Mac. You may have little tough times in adding VSTs though, but the good part is you don’t need to do a partition.

We think that FL Studio is a great DAW, though, and hope to see updates which will expand its abilities in the future.

In the meantime, FL Studio is able to process note on/off and velocity messages on a single channel basis, like an ordinary MIDI keyboard.


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To use the Seaboard as an ordinary MIDI keyboard in FL Studio – without Glide, Press or Slide – open ROLI Dashboard and select the following settings:

  • Channel mode : Single
  • Channel: 1
  • Glide expression fader set to minimum.

FL Studio 12.3 added a new 'MIDI Channel Through' option that allows MIDI messages from all channels to pass through plugins.

Enabling this option, by right-clicking the Channel button and selecting MIDI Channel Through in the Channel Operations menu, allows multi-timbral plugins like Equator to respond to the Seaboard's 5 dimensions of touch inside FL Studio. However, it's not yet possible in FL Studio to record these dimensions of touch as automations.

I'm doing research to see if FL Studio is compatible with Macs and I discovered that it is but I want to know if it runs the same on Macs as it does on PC. Would I be better off getting a Mac and downloading Windows onto it to get FL Studios or should I just save my money and buy a PC?

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It would make sense to me to download the demo and try it out fr yourself.

Personally though I never liked FL Studio, I preferred Ableton Live

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'FL Studio… If it runs the same in Mac OS X as it does in Windows.'

FL Studio is not yet officially released for OS X. There's a beta version in test. You can try it to see if you like it and report any faults for later revision. See the picture at the link below.

'Would I be better off getting a Mac and downloading Windows onto it to get FL Studios or should I just save my money and buy a PC?'

Now you change tracks and want to know about the Windows version of FL Studio. There's no difference in how FL Studio works on a PC running Windows and a Mac running Windows.

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