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The long-standing Windows-only music software FL Studio is now available on OSX. How to use FL Studio on a Mac Install the FL Studio native macOS version (requires macOS 10.13.6 or higher) Run Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp (you will need an official Microsoft Windows OS installer) and install the Windows version. The FL studio Support Team. Sep 03, 2020 Download FL Studio Producer Edition for Mac full version program setup free. The FL Studio Producer Edition for Mac is a complete professional Digital Audio Workstation that helps music editors, musicians, and producers in composing, arranging, recording, editing, mixing and mastering the professional quality music.

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Get Fl Studio 11 On Keygen And Commences; Get Fl Studio 11 On Free Introduced In; This audio and MIDI sequencer has always been a distant dream for Mac users, but now they can finally make use of a version of this software designed for Apples operating system. Now, go to your FL Studio and go to Insert. Now, your Electra X presets are ready to play. How to install your Electra X presets on your MAC. 1.After you have downloaded your Electra X presets, keep the folder on your desktop. Now, you have to navigate to your Library. Now, you have to navigate to the Audio Folder.

Image Line’s FL Studio is a highly-developed digital audio workshop station. Although it’s primarily geared towards electronic music production, it’s great for any type of audio project.

Make and edit tracks

FL Studio is a powerful one-stop-shop for sound recording and music production.

FL Studio software comes in four editions, the prices of which correspond to the available function. With the better editions, you get to edit audio clips, access the full version of the DirectWave sampler, and more. With its progressing feature sets, FL Studio is worth the money, and you'll get lifetime free updates from the developer.

The vector-based interface is easy to read, scalable across displays, and supports multitouch. The Browser, Channel Rack, and the Pattern list contain all the functions from the program.

The main arranging window is the Playlist, where you can bring up the step sequencer and piano roll for closer editing.

Recording requires several clicks, and as you work, you can switch between pattern and song modes to fine tune your tracks.

FL Studio comes with included instruments, but they tend to be too simplistic. However, with some of the built-in effects, it’s possible to make them sound better.

Where can you run this program?

FL Studio runs on macOS 10.11 and Windows 8, or later versions. There are mobile options for iOS and Android, too.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, if you’re a professional, LMMS is the best choice out there. Ableton Live offers similar features to FL Studio. Ardour and AudioTool are great free alternatives.

Our take

Although the program comes with some clear limitations, it can do wonders and create complex, well-produced pieces of music from a single interface.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you have some experience with such programs already. The UI features a learning curve that’s not ideal for beginners.



  • 4 Features of Electra
  • 5 Tips on Using Electra

Soft Synths are an obsession for all the sound designers and electronic music producers in the world. All the virtual musical instruments have such an infinite number of possibilities of inventing new sounds. These are always raging in the musical world, whether they come for free or with a price tag. Electra X is one such virtual instrument used by music lovers all over the world. Now follow us and you will know how to install Electra X Presets, so as to make maximum use of this virtual instrument.

What is Electra X?

Electra X is a VST/AU virtual musical instrument released by the German Developer Tone2. It is generally referred to as the “Sonic Warrior”. You can combine its different monophonic and polyphonic synthesizers together in thirteen varied synthesis methods to create the best music in the world.

It has a lot of tools like the analogue-modelled filters, samples, multi synthesis oscillators, flexible modulation, acoustic processing, internal effects, chaotic fractals, and a wide sonic range.

How to Install Electra X Presets on your Computer

If you are installing the Electra X presets in your computers, here are the simple steps you have to follow:

1.Go to Start Option and then go to “This PC” option.

2. Next, you have to navigate to your C drive, where you have to enter the Program Files. Inside the folder, you have to navigate to the VSTPlugins folder.

3. Then you have to find the “ElectraX Sounds” folder.

4. Now you have to copy your Electra X presets bank folder into this folder.

5. Now, go to your FL Studio and go to Insert.

6. Now, your Electra X presets are ready to play.

How to install your Electra X presets on your MAC

1.After you have downloaded your Electra X presets, keep the folder on your desktop.

2. Now, you have to navigate to your Library.

3. Now, you have to navigate to the Audio Folder.

4. Next, you have to navigate to the “Plugins”Folder.

5. Next, you have to navigate to the “ElectraX_Sounds” Folder.

6. Now, just drag and drop your originally downloaded ElectraX presets from your desktop to this folder.

7. If it gives you a pop-up saying “The Destination has the files with the same names”, you can choose “Replace the files in the destination”.

8. Now, you have to open your FL studio so to insert option which will start showing your ElectraX preset bank to you.

9. Now, the Electra X presets are ready to be played.

How to Install the Electra X plugins

  • After you purchase the Electra X plugins, you have to open the Finder and locate the Local HD on your computer.
  • The next step is to go to the Library and then find the Plug-ins.
  • Inside the Plug-ins folder, you have to click on the VSTPLUGINS>/ElectraX_sounds.
  • The ElectraX_sounds folder contains subfolders that have all the Electra sound set add-ons.
  • You have to create and create a new subfolder under this folder to create a new soundbank.
  • Now, you can simply copy all the new Electra X plugins (.fxp files) in this new subfolder.

Features of Electra

Electra is not just a virtual music board; it is a complete synthesis solution. The latest version of Electra X is Electra2 and all the plugin are compatible with both the versions of Electra. It produces truly outstanding and unique sounds which gives a whole new outlook to the audio approach.

1. Multilayer Architecture

The multi-layer architecture of Electra helps you to access many synthesizers at the same time so that you can play and create amazing tracks with a single key.

Each layer is independent of the other and has fully-functional multi-timbral synthesizers that have their own dual multi-mode filters, oscillators and a modulation system.

The sound design creation possibilities are endless; it just depends on your imagination. You can edit the layers one-by-one or you can edit the multiple layers at one go. You can load any layer you want on any patch.

The process of mixing the layers is very simple and Electra is very simple to use. You can use the keyboard splits and mix different synthesis to create new sounds and melodious music./gms-fl-studio-12-download-free/.

2. Sampling

The Sampling capacity and ability of Electra are enormous and when loaded, your samples will be automatically tuned. Electra ensures the highest playing quality of your samples whether you are playing in a loop or single.

It also has an auto-loop system that allows you to have auto loops without any hassle. But, you can make your own loop marker to make your own loop points using Electra.

Edit option is available to further enhance your sample along with 20 different effects to process your samples. The custom sample is saved as a .fxp file with your songs.

You will never have to deal with the problem of missing files or broken songs while using Electra. With the best sound quality, you can import your samples, edit them, enhance them, the process then and play at your heart’s content.

3. Ergonomics

ElectraX is very easy to use, its controls are easy to locate, easy to understand and induces the only relaxation even after prolonged use. Each engine has very significant and detailed controls ie. 11 banks of controls namely Sound, Browser, Oscillator, Arpeggiator, MasterFX, settings, Matrix, Envelope, LFO, Filter, and Insert FX.

The GUI of Electra is very clear and the signal flow is depicted via the graphics which makes it easy to decipher.

Using Custom patches and saving favourites is very easy and you can also get the Vocoder patches running smoothly with no hassle. You can go through the manual once, and you will be handling the controls of Electra very easily.

4. Presets

There are 17 different types of Electra presets available for Electra X initially, with more subsequently coming in the market. Electra X covers all the 21st century needs for music with its unique presets like Action Sequence, Atmo, Semi real, Arpeggiator, Vocoder, keys etc.

All the presets of Electra are very powerful, touching, deep and yet accommodating. They range from huge pads, dance grooves, scary sound design, ear candy, beautiful ambiences, ElectraX has everything to offer.

Highlight: The important and yet interesting feature of Electra X is that it hosts four synth engines in each patch and has a different colour scheme for each patch, so you never get confused, which patch you are working with.

Tips on Using Electra


1. Wavetable Creation

You can synthesise your sample data and use it as a wavetable that can be controlled by your Pulse width.


You have to simply change the Oscillation to “Wavetable”.

Click on the Resynthesize option to load your audio sample.

Pulse Width 1 will now sweep through your wavetable.

2. Quick Import

You can use the Quick import option of importing a sample or vocoder easily with just one click.

You have to choose the option “Quick Loader Sample” and then click on the load button, the sample will be loaded smoothly.

In the same way, you can quickly add Vocodoer, with the “Quick Loader Vocoder” option. The OSC2 of the Synth works as Modulator with your Quick Import Vocoder, it will load your sample source into the OSC2.

How To Get Fl Studio For Free On Mac

You can program the Synth2 accordingly to change the direction and sound of Electra. You can easily trigger the samples from using keys which is a very convenient way of doing vocoding.


Fl Studio

Electra is a very powerful virtual board that can create endless varieties of amazing music. In addition, the installation of Electra presets, like install Electra X Presets, is not difficult at all. You can load any patch on any layer and enjoy the different presets of Electra which are as electrifying as their name.