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FL Studio is a robust digital audio workstation and musical creation tool for the Windows and Mac platforms. It’s commercial software and considered one of the best musical production programs available today. However, FL Studio does not work on Linux, and no support is planned in the future. FL Studio 20 brings a native macOS release, time signatures anywhere, 'consolidation' (AKA freezing/bouncing), the ability to load/save separate playlist arrangements, a reworked PDC system allowing both manual and automatic at the same time, and more. Download FL Studio - Mix and edit audio tracks with the help of the wide array of tools and features provided by this comprehensive and reliable software solution.

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FL Studio recently jumped from 12 to 20.
So I downloaded the demo, and as far as I can tell, it runs more smoothly than the predecessors.
StudioAlso the workflow ergonomics have been improved. It's much easier to assign step parts to the mixer, and some of it is automatic now, so it's less tedious.
The FL Studio ASIO comes with it. I find that it's worth a try. On my system, using WINE of course (and tweaked PulseAudio), FL Studio ASIO works better than ASIO4all or other workarounds for getting programs like EnergyXT and Reaper to work. You don't have to just use it with FL Studio.
FL Studio 20 runs very smoothly on my system!

Fl Studio Free Trial

For the first time I can actually finally comprehend and use the FL Studio workflow.
Before, I couldn't properly overdub without timing errors and enough frustration to quit.
Also, they made switching screen modes easier and more intuitive.
This time around, I don't get dropouts and error glitches when playing the demos.
Fl Studio Linux DownloadI can finally use the program for more than just the step editor!

Fl Studio 12 Linux Download

I am using MX Linux 17 (Horizon) with an AMD/GPU-compatible RealTime kernel from AVLINUX(?).

Fl 20

As usual, I just use a tweaked PulseAudio instead of JACK. FL Studio ASIO helps much as the audio driver.

Install Image Line

I tested the new FL Studio version on elementary OS Freya (32bit). This distro is based on Ubuntu 14.04, so you should see the same results on Ubuntu too.
I installed it into an already existing XP bottle with some other software, so I'm not really sure what requirements are needed, but the bottle has the core fonts, NET framework 2 and 3 and visual c runtimes installed.
The installation went without issues and the app works just like it does on Windows. Compared to FL Studio 11, it's even better, because, finally, we can play & use REX files inside it. I don't know if it's the new Crossover version or the new FL Studio version, but something fixed that issue.
External samples work fine, the built-in plugins work fine, exporting wav & mp3 files also works. It also looks beautiful, as you can see from the shots. The only issue I had was with switching to other apps. Alt+Tab doesn't work, it defaults back to FL Studio, but only if 'Allow window manager to decorate the windows' is checked in Wine configuration (Bottle - Control Panel).